BYD: Memberships and Fees

BYD offers two membership levels for the serious player: Gold Membership for $30 per month and Platinum Membership for $50 per month.  This is nearly 40% less than other premium facilities in the area.  Siblings are $10 additional each per month.  Both memberships offer discounts on lessons, cage rentals, camps, and clinics.  

Gold Membership is perfect for younger players or recreational players, who want to hit off the pitching machines frequently, take occasional lessons and attend some camps and clinics.  Gold Members get unlimited access to Iron Mike during off peak times as well as all the other cost saving benefits.  The Platinum Membership is perfect for players who are taking more frequent lessons, rent cages and want unlimited machine pitch hitting.  Platinum Members pay only $60.00 for a one-hour professional lesson.  The going rate in most facilities is $80.00 and above.   The $20.00 savings per lesson helps offset the membership cost quickly. 

In addition Platinum Members will be given up to 60 min cage rental per month to be scheduled.  That’s a $45 value every month.  It is our goal at the Backyard Dugout to provide the absolute best value to our youth athletes and their families. 

As an alternative to memberships the BYD offers two lesson packages:  The PRO Lesson package and the Collegiate Lesson package.  We recognize that monthly memberships are not for everyone so in order to offer the very best value we have created 1, 3, 6 and 12-month packages to help families manage cost and improved results.  The lesson packages require a monthly contract and pre-payment the first lesson of every month.  

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